Is Thailand Cheap to Visit?

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Last Updated on 15/03/2024

Visitors to Thailand usually wonder ‘Is Thailand a cheap place to visit?’ The answer is yes if you want it to be, Thailand is cheap to travel. If you want to spend money and have a luxury experience travelling Thailand then that is also possible.

Is Thailand Cheap to Visit? : Transport

Transport, particularly public transport in Thailand can be very cheap and an affordable way to travel around Thailand. You can book transport at stations or book in advance through reputable websites like 12goAsia.

Is it Cheap to Travel Thailand? – Buses & Minivans

The cost of transportation in Thailand is low. Travelling by public transport can keep Thailand cheap to travel to. Buses, trains and minivans are all very affordable in Thailand. For Bangkok cheap travel you can expect to pay between 8-16 baht for a bus within the city. For minivans to destinations outside of Bangkok that are within 1-5 hour distance, you can pay between 150-500 baht. 

Is Thailand Cheap to Travel? : Transport – Bangkok Trains

Within Bangkok the BTS (skytrain) and MRT (underground) are a way to keep Thailand a cheap place to visit. Journeys start from approximately 15 baht up to 50 baht for some journeys. 

Is it Cheap to Travel to Thailand? : Transport – Sleeper buses and Night Trains

Slightly cheaper than flights in the past, sleeper buses and night trains are now significantly cheaper than domestic flights with the cost of fuel increasing everywhere. 

Is Thailand Expensive to Vacation? : Transport – Domestic Flights

Flights within Thailand are still cheap to book although they have increased. Airasia, Vietjet, Thai Smile and Nok Air are all popular cheap airlines. 

Is Thailand a Cheap Place to Visit? Transport – Ferries & Speedboats

When talking about ferries this usually refers to the cheaper slow boats that travel between the mainland and the islands. Speedboats are more expensive but a faster way to travel so take ferries to travel Thailand on a budget. 

Is Thailand cheap to Travel
White sand beaches in Railay, Krabi. Take a short boat ride from Ao Nang to Railay

Is Thailand Cheap to Travel? Accommodation

You can find incredible cheap accommodation in Thailand with hostels in a shared dorm starting from around 300 baht upwards. There are a range of hostels, guesthouses, hotels, villas and luxury resorts to suit every budget in Thailand. If budget backpacking Thailand it can be cheaper to just show up at certain destinations like Koh Phi Phi or Koh Tao and book budget Thailand accommodation on arrival. Compare prices as you arrive and ask to see the room before committing to it. However, many tourists prefer to book Thailand accommodation in advance. Agoda usually gives the best prices for Thailand accommodation across all budgets. If you are a regular user of then it may be preferable to use Booking if you have discounts. Agoda usually comes up cheaper but not always so compare prices between the two Thailand booking websites. 

Is Thailand Cheap to Visit? Food and Drinks

Thailand is cheap to travel if you eat and drink locally. Eating Thai food is considerably cheaper than international cuisine, mainly because there is a high tax on imported products into Thailand. Street food can range from 10baht to 80 baht. Small local Thai restaurants usually charge from 50-200 baht for dishes. International cuisine such as Italian food or Mexican food starts at around 200+. 

Is it Cheap to Travel to Thailand? Alcohol

To keep Thailand cheap to visit and you are a drinker, then stick to local Thai beers such as Chang, Leo and Singha. Bottles in your local 711 range from 30baht upwards. Local spirits such as rums like Sangsom and Hong Thong are very cheap for around 200 baht a bottle. As mentioned before, imported alcohol such as wine and other spirits tend to be very expensive due to high taxes on these products. Bottles of wine in the supermarket start at 300 baht. Cocktails usually start from 200 baht.

Is Thailand cheap to Travel
Happy Hour with Margaritas on Koh Lipe

Is Thailand Expensive to Visit? Activities

Excursions, day trips, snorkelling trips and diving are usually reasonably priced. Depending on the season, the type of trip and if you travel by long tail boat or speedboat, you can expect to pay around 800-1200 baht per person for the excursion. Note that Thailand National Park fees are fixed by the government and can make the cost of the excursion quite a bit more expensive. For example, for Erawan National Park the cost is 200 baht for tourists, Khao Yai National Park is 400 baht per person. Koh Hong near Krabi charges 300 baht per person to explore the island. Make sure to enquire if the cost of the national park fee is included in the excursion price. The cheapest way to book day trips is with local roadside tour operators. This way the money goes straight to them.

Scuba Diving in Thailand Price

Thailand remains one of the cheapest places in the world to learn to dive and fun dives are very reasonably priced as well. You can expect to pay between 10,000-14,000 baht for an Open Water course accredited by PADI. For divers who are already certified, a two dive day trip can cost around 2500-3000 baht including equipment. If you plan to scuba dive a lot then enquire about scuba diving packages which can work out to around 1000 baht per dive. For more about the best dive sites in Thailand, read this article. 

Is Thailand cheap to Travel
Scuba Diving in Thailand

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