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Maldives Packing List: What to Pack for the Maldives

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Last Updated on 17/01/2023

Maldives Packing List

Having lived in the Maldives, I have travelled and visited both local and resort islands and have compiled this Maldives packing checklist to help you decide what to pack for the Maldives.

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What to pack for the Maldives: Maldives Packing Checklist

Packing List for Maldives: Mosquito repellent

While most Maldives resort islands fumigate for mosquitoes even the most 5 star luxury resorts have an ongoing battle against the mosquito population so be sure to bring mosquito repellent that contains DEET. I recommend a 50% DEET mosquito spray like this one from Amazon. The Maldives does have incidents of dengue fever which is spread by mosquitoes so be vigilant with mosquito repellent on both resorts and local islands.

Packing List Maldives: Reef friendly Suncream

The Maldives is home to beautiful coral reefs and an amazing array of marine life. The best thing visitors can do is to choose a reef friendly suncream when visiting. Be aware there is a lot of greenwashing around suncreams so make sure your reef friendly suncream is actually environmentally friendly. Check the ingredients list and make sure it does not contain: octocrylene, oxybenzone, oxtinoxate and nano-particles. Read more about harmful ingredients in suncream here. If they are not safe for the reef then they probably are not safe for you either. A product like Reef Repair sold on Amazon here is a safe bet.

Packing List for Maldives : Own Snorkel Gear – Mask

If you are planning to spend a lot of time in the water and snorkelling then consider purchasing and adding your own snorkelling gear to your Maldives packing list. If you feel more comfortable and used to your own equipment then you will have more time to enjoy the marine life and coral reefs and less time struggling with your mask or snorkel. You can always rent from your hotel or resort but having your own equipment is definitely beneficial. If you have a small face, the Oceanic Mini Ice is perfect and I’ve personally been using this snorkel and diving mask for years.


Additionally, choose a snorkel to go with your mask to add to your Maldives packing list. You can buy a snorkel for very cheap – compare prices for snorkels here on Amazon. The best snorkels are ones that block the water from coming in the top.

Maldives Packing Checklist: Sun hat or cap

The Maldives sun is very strong and if you spend a lot of time on boats or on the beach then sun protection is really important.

Packing list for Maldives : What plug do I need for the Maldives?

Electricity adapters – most resorts will have British 3 pin plugs but on local islands and guesthouses there can be a whole range of different pins and electrical plugs. The best thing for your Maldives packing list is to bring a multi-use electricity plug – these ones from Amazon.

What to Pack for the Maldives : Underwater Camera

Most of your time in the Maldives is probably going to be spent either on the beach or in the ocean. Adding an underwater camera is a great idea whether you are planning to scuba dive, snorkel or do lots of water sports. GoPros are always great but recently for scuba diving I have been using a scuba dive housing for my smartphone which takes amazing photos and I definitely recommend to other divers. You can edit them afterwards using an app like Dive+. Compare prices for underwater dive smartphone housings here

Maldives Packing List : Dry Bag

A dry bag is one of my essentials to pack for the Maldives, or actually anywhere in a tropical country where I am spending lots of time on boats or monsoon seasons. The 5Litre dry bags are the best size for your packing list Maldives. Look at different colours and sizes for the Ocean Pack brand here. 

What to Pack for the Maldives : Seasick Bands

As you will undoubtably be spending time on boats, there is a chance of feeling seasick. These Amazon seasick travel bands are the best things I personally use when getting travel sick and many friends have also agreed. They work by pushing on a pressure point on your wrist that stops you from feeling nauseous. I never get on a boat or in a car without them.

Packing List for Maldives : Rash Vest

Another great idea for what to pack for the Maldives is a rash vest. Spending time snorkelling in the sun can lead to dehydration and sunburn and so a long sleeved rash vest like these from Amazon is essential to protect your skin.

What to pack for the Maldives : Water Leggings

If you are US based then also consider these water leggings from Waterlust – they are fabulous and all made out of recycled plastic packaging. This is not an affiliate link and nor am I am ambassador for Waterlust but I genuinely use and love their products and their mission values.

Fun Maldives Packing List : Pool Inflatables

The Maldives is a fantastic place to get great photos and enjoy the ocean at the same time. Many visitors love to use pool or ocean inflatables to play. Amazon have great pool inflatables to fit into your suitcase for your packing list for the Maldives.

Whale Shark Inflatable Gift
Messing around on my whale shark float in the Maldives

Maldives Packing List : Small Lightweight Speaker

This is the perfect small lightweight speaker for your packing list Maldives. It’s so light and the sound quality is still so good for something that cost around $30/25GBP. I always use this when travelling.

What to Pack for the Maldives: Ear Plugs

While there is a lot of peace and quiet in the Maldives it can depend on your location and the time of year. Local islands can be noisy with generators and lots of islands have awesome but noisy fruit bats. The ocean itself can keep visitors up with the crashing of the waves, particularly in monsoon season.

Packing List for Maldives : Currency

US dollars  are used widely in resorts and local islands. Be aware that on local islands you will likely receive change in Maldivian Rufiya. In some shops in Male, only Maldivian Rufiya is accepted but in tourist areas US dollars are always accepted. For resorts you can pay by debit or credit card at the end of your Maldives trip. To pay for local guesthouses I recommend paying in cash as foreign cards don’t always work and there will usually be a 3% card fee.

And finally what not to pack for the Maldives

The Maldives is a Muslim country and has strict laws prohibiting certain items. Therefore, you cannot bring alcohol, pork products or pornography into the country so make sure these are NOT on your Maldives packing list.


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