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Local Island Guide Maldives: Dhiffushi Island

Dhiffushi is probably one of the smallest local islands that I have visited in the Maldives so far. A walk, all around it, only took approximately 20 minutes. For such a tiny island it has some budget accommodation, boutique hotels and a white sand stretch of beach around most of the island. It is also the first local island that I have been to so far that had seagrass growing in the shallows which means good snorkelling and chance of green turtles who feed on seagrass.

Gorgeous stretches of sand all around the island
Cheap Maldives vacation: What to do in Maldives, Dhiffushi

Although Dhiffushi is a tiny island, it offered all the usual water activities that you would expect in the Maldives like kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, kite surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, banana boats, wakeboarding are just a few of the activities I saw both tourists and locals doing while I was there.

Snorkelling in Dhiffushi Island

While the visibility was not great during my snorkelling afternoon in Dhiffushi, the seagrass growing there, along with some patches of coral off of the bikini beach mean that there is a decent area for snorkelling.

The main bikini beach with seagrass for snorkelling
Marine Life Maldives: Dhiffushi Island

I saw a variety of reef fish while snorkelling and a couple of stingrays came close to the beach in the evening , right into the shallows. I also suspect that this is a good area to spot turtles because of the seagrass growing in the shallows of the beach. Because of the nearby resort (which is almost close enough to swim to) there is quite a lot of boat traffic.

Cheap Scuba Diving in the Maldives: Dhiffushi Island

I didn’t dive in Dhiffushi but I saw divers going for a shore dive which means that costs would be kept cheap by not paying for a speedboat. If you aren’t already a scuba diver and are interested in learning, then do your Open Water course with a local dive centre through PADI or SSI. 

Dhiffushi Island Accommodation: Where to stay in Dhiffushi

I loved the guesthouse that we stayed in, Infinity Dhiffushi (Agoda) or (  Infinity Dhiffushi). The owner was really friendly, the rooms were clean and well equipped and we enjoyed the upstairs restaurant with sea views. Breakfast was included and was pancakes with maple syrup and apple slices with tea or coffee and an orange juice. I paid a work permit rate of approximately $50 per room per night which is great budget accommodation in the Maldives. They also arranged our boat transfer and let us extend by an extra day when we decided to stay longer. There was no problem for a Maldivian national to stay with a foreigner.

Bikini Beach in Dhiffushi

You can wear a bikini on the two bikini beaches in Dhiffushi. You can wear a bikini while on the beach, however it is not considered respectful to walk around in a bikini or bikini top so take a cover up. Our guesthouse said there was no need to cover shoulders and knees and shorts were fine to wear around the island. Men should also not walk around topless.

Drinking alcohol in the Maldives: Dhiffushi

Dhiffushi is a local island and therefore under Maldivian law you cannot drink or buy alcohol on this island. However, as it is not too far from Thulusdhoo island there is a floating bar next to this island which I am sure a speedboat would take you to for a small fee. Floating bars in the Maldives are actually liveaboard boats with licenses to sell alcohol so you can take a short speedboat to these safari boats to have a drink or enjoy a party boat evening. Drinks are not expensive, a rum and coke was approximately $5. I was recently told that one of Thulusdhoo’s floating bar boats is only open on Thursday so check with your guesthouse or places advertising trips.

Stroll around Dhiffushi island for sunset views and these cute swings
Dhiffushi Restaurants: Where to Eat

Cozy cafe near the harbour was great for local Maldivian food although it took some explaining to get a vegetarian meal there! Eventually I got a vegetable kottu roshi which I enjoyed. The Kettle also has a cute beach front to enjoy the sea view while eating and I enjoyed the food and fruit smoothies at the upstairs restaurant near the water sports.

Transport to Dhiffushi from Male

You can take the speedboat from Male or from the airport to Dhiffushi. The journey takes around 30 minutes and costs 175 rufiya for work permit holders/Maldivian Nationals.

Speedboat Schedule for Dhiffushi to Male Ferry
Contact the number above by calling or on whatsapp to organise your ferry booking
Dhiffushi Location

Dhiffushi is one of the local islands close to the airport and to Male. It is very easy to travel to islands in Kaafu Atoll (Male atoll) because Male has such good speedboat and ferry transport options. This means it is a cheap option because the speedboat isn’t too expensive.

More wings on local islands – Dhiffushi Island Wings
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