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Best Diving in Thailand

One of my favourite activities to do here is to dive. As far as I know Koh Tao still claims to be one of the cheapest places to do your Open Water certification, which is where I did my first diving certificate 4 years ago, and it’s been an obsession ever since. Living in Bangkok is a great base to dive all around Thailand. While I’ve dived off many islands and beaches around Thailand the following are my top areas that keep me coming back for more:

Koh Phi Phi

Some of the best diving I’ve done in Thailand has been around Phi Phi Marine Park! We spotted a turtle, a black tip reef shark AND a leopard shark – all before midday! The coral is generally in pretty good shape, though the waves can make you feel a little queasy on the way out to the dive sites!

diving thailand
Diving with turtles in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Richelieu Rock

Diving Richelieu Rock and the Similan Islands should be on every keen divers list! One of the best places to spot whale sharks is Richelieu Rock…and I wasn’t disappointed! The Similans are fun for a liveaboard boat but the diving is not quite what it was in the past. Still worth checking out though!

diving thailand
4 metre ‘baby’ whale shark at Richelieu Rock, best dive site in Thailand

Koh Phangnan

Phangnan doesn’t have many dive sites but Sail Rock has a lot to offer and a LOT of shoals of fish! The coral is fairly pretty and you can see some interesting stuff. Full moon visibility makes things harder to see!

diving thailand
Find Nemo everywhere you dive in Thailand

Koh Tao

While no longer the mecca it once was, this is still the cheapest place in Thailand to complete your Open Water and so is worth a mention!

Ao Nang Islands, Krabi

A cheaper alternative from Krabi rather than paying to go all the way to Phi Phi Marine Park! Visibility is not always the best but when I went I saw two bamboo sharks and this awesome seahorse!

Koh Lipe

I have yet to dive here but the snorkelling trip I did here had incredible coloured coral so I imagine the diving is not too shabby either!

Watch this space for more dive sites…

Where is your favourite place to dive in Thailand?

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