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Beach Bum Adventures – My Travel Blog

I’m an English teacher who is obsessed with travelling, scuba diving and the ocean. I’ve been teaching English for 8 years and absolutely love helping my students to improve their English skills which often can give them more career and travel opportunities. I love travel blogging and this travel blog is now approximately 4 years old. It focusing on Thailand, the Maldives and other countries in Asia that I have explored such as India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan. I tend to focus on Thailand and the Maldives as I feel I have real authority to write about places I have actually lived.

Living in Thailand – Thailand Travel Blog

I started my Thailand travel blog while I was teaching in Bangkok.  I felt that not enough people appreciate Thailand for the amazing country that it is, with so many different landscapes to explore and incredible animals to see in the wild. Tourism in Thailand can have a negative impact on both local people and abused animals and I wanted to spread the word of how to travel ethically and experience authentic Thailand. I would love tourists to realise the impact they can have by putting their money into ethical places and activities and local people in Thailand. I also realised that a lot of friends and acquaintances were messaging me asking for Thailand travel advice and I felt that I had a different (and more informed) perspective than the millions of travel blogs out there, as I actually lived there, travelled frequently and could provide some “insider” information for tourists and backpackers.

Living in the Maldives – Maldives Travel Blog

In 2018, I decided it was time for a change and I started teaching in the Maldives, a unique place where I feel there is so much more to discover than just  honeymoon resorts. I love visiting local islands which not only give you an authentic Maldivian experience but also means that you can visit the Maldives on a budget.  So I shifted my focus to blogging about the Maldives on my travel blog, still adding posts to my Thailand blog as I go back to Thailand every year. I would love tourists to realise the Maldives is more than a honeymoon destination and it is home to incredible islands, people and the marine life is out of this world. I spent a week doing the best diving in my life last year.

Solo Travel Blog

I also travel alone as a solo female traveller regularly and have visited Indonesia, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka as a solo backpacker and therefore I wanted to share my experiences about travelling solo in Asia. I love reading travel blogs but unfortunately I found a lot of negative comments about travelling solo in places like India and Sri Lanka, by people who had never even done it! Even in Lonely Planet, I read that “women shouldn’t travel alone on trains in Sri Lanka” – then when I checked the authors- they were all men. So I started to share my experiences of travelling solo to encourage other women that we can and will travel solo and have amazing experiences while doing it!

Most importantly, I have this travel blog because I want to spread the love for Asia! If you have any questions or want more help then please feel free to email me. I am always happy to encourage people to come and visit and often potential travellers give me more ideas for what to blog about.

visit thailand backpacking
Exploring National Parks in Thailand is one of my favourite things to do…when I’m not diving or on the beach!

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