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Best Quiet Beaches in Thailand

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Last Updated on 15/01/2023

My Thailand travel blog is updated as of 2022 after the covid pandemic so all information should be accurate for post pandemic Thailand.

Post covid, many tourists are now returning to Thailand meaning that we do not have as many quiet beaches in Thailand as before. However, it is still very easy to find quiet beaches in Thailand if you know where to look.

With so many islands and so many beaches, it’s difficult to decide where are the best quiet beaches in Thailand. During the covid pandemic, many domestic tourists enjoyed untouched beaches but now tourists are beginning to return and islands are getting busier, read on for the best quiet islands in Thailand.

Where to find quiet beaches in Thailand?

Both the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea both boast some of the best quiet beaches in Thailand.  There still exist some untouched Thai islands where the sand is white, the water clear, lots of greenery around and the beach is quiet. I have been lucky enough to visit a lot of quiet islands in Thailand and here are my island reviews of the best quiet beaches in Thailand.

Best Quiet Beaches in Thailand: Kantiang Bay, Koh Lanta

This is definitely one of the quietest beaches in Thailand, in the Andaman sea. It has a huge area of white sand, you can see your feet when standing in the sea and the jungle comes down to meet the sand, meaning no big built up buildings or roads in the way. It is incredibly calm and when I was there in April time the beach had about five people on it. Koh Lanta is a much less touristy place than other islands and in off-peak season there are barely any people  around. It is not a party island and not so many backpackers when compared with islands like Koh Phi Phi or Railay beach. Koh Lanta is one of the best quiet beaches in Thailand in the Andaman area.

How to get to Koh Lanta from Bangkok

Travel by plane to Krabi and then take a ferry. You can book a ferry using this website, and get discounts for more than one ticket.

Best Quiet Beach Resort: Where to stay in Koh Lanta

Stay at this amazing hotel, a slight walk up the hill but well worth it for the views of Kantiang Bay. It also has an infinity pool, spacious rooms with windows from ceiling to floor and a cheeky group of visiting monkeys!

quiet beaches thailand
Views of Kantiang Bay – the best quiet beach in Thailand
Best Quiet Islands in Thailand: Main Beach, Koh Kradan

This is one of the best, secret, quiet beaches in Thailand. It’s a tiny, mostly uninhabited island which has limited accommodation and is mostly a National Park. Most island hopping trips around the area of Koh Lanta stop here for a visit or lunch break. This means the beach can be busy with daytrippers but if you consider staying on Koh Kradan then you will have the beautiful beaches to yourselves! The main beach is stunning; white sand and crystal clear waters and the decent coral around here means that is a great snorkelling spot.

Best Quiet Beach Resort Koh Kradan: To avoid the day tripper crowds, consider staying at a resort like this one on Koh Kradan.

quiet beaches thailand
Island Hopping to Koh Kradan for the best quiet beach in Thailand
Top Quiet Beaches in Thailand: Koh Similan Islands

The Similan Islands are some of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. They are extremely old and have smooth shaped rock formations as they used to be submerged underwater as coral reefs. While the snorkelling and diving here is not what it once was it is still worth a visit and the quiet beaches are breath-taking. They have very white sand and transparent water and also some great viewpoints for photos.

Best Quiet Beach Thailand Tip: My best advice to avoid the day crowds is to camp overnight through the National Park service here.

quiet beaches thailand
Quiet beaches n Thailand – Koh Similan
Best quiet beach in Thailand: Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe

Another winner for the white sand and clear waters, head to Koh Lipe for one of the most stunning islands in Thailand. While it can get busy during peak season, if you head to Koh Lipe in green season then you can get amazing discounts on hotels like Idyllic Concept and you will find some of the best, beautiful, quiet beaches in Thailand. Read this Koh Lipe Island Guide if planning a visit to this beautiful quiet island in Thailand.

Best Quiet Beach Thailand Tip: In the evening, walk round to the very aptly named Sunset Beach for some of the best sunsets that I’ve seen in Thailand

To show the best beaches on Koh Lipe
Best quiet beach in Thailand – Koh Lipe
Best Quiet Beach in Thailand in the Gulf: Bottle Beach, Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is famous or infamous for its full moon parties but it also has a quiet island vibe in other areas. One of my favourite beaches on this island it is only accessible by boat. This makes it a very quiet beach in Thailand. It has a few places for lunch time eating and it’s in a pretty white sand bay. Head here to avoid the crowds, especially around Full Moon time when the island fills up.

Best Quiet Beach in Thailand Tip: Get a group together to make the longtail boat ride cheaper

quiet beaches thailand
Quiet Beaches Thailand on Koh Phangan

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