Ethical Publishing Statement

My mission for this Thailand travel blog is to provide helpful information to fellow travelers. There are several reasons why I started this blog. Firstly, I wanted to share information about the best places to see wildlife in Thailand in an ethical way. Thailand is home to incredible wildlife, from elephants to whale sharks and I want to promote ethical tourism so that visitors know to avoid elephant riding, taking photos with chained monkeys and gibbons and follow best practices for protecting our oceans.

Secondly, I share about the best Thailand islands to visit, ethical elephant sanctuaries and animal rescue Thailand as well as the best National Parks in Thailand. My goal is to make sure that visitors have the best, informed experience in Thailand that will keep them coming back for more! Whether it is your first time visiting Thailand, or you are already in love with this amazing country, I have destination suggestions for you all.

Thailand Travel Blog

To research trips, I always read travel blogs as a way to find helpful information and then I decided to create my own Thailand travel blog. As a resident of Thailand, I feel that I have a unique perspective that many bloggers do not. I have explored Thailand for the last 7 years from my base in Bangkok, originally as a backpacker, frequently as a female solo traveller in Thailand and often with family and friends.

In the past, friends often referred their acquaintances to me for advice about visiting Thailand and so it felt organic to write it all down and start sharing it with a wider audience. My Thailand travel blog posts are about ways to travel around Thailand, which Thai island to visit, how to see wildlife ethically and one of my main passions of scuba diving.

The best views from the viewpoint on Koh Hong island

Maldives travel blog

After living in Thailand for 4 years, I moved to the Maldives for work. Living on island paradise had its ups and downs but the main thing that I learnt was that it doesn’t have to be your honeymoon to travel the Maldives, you don’t have to be crazy rich if you visit local islands and that the diving is insane!

I encourage all ocean lovers to add the Maldives to their bucketlist destinations, not to stay in an expensive resort and sip cocktails on the beach, but to experience the magical of the Maldives, from learning about local culture, to exploring the diversity of marine life in the Indian Ocean.

Exploring local islands while living and working in the Maldives

Scuba Diving Asia

Scuba diving and protecting and promoting the ocean is my passion. I’ve dived all around Asia, extensively in Thailand, the Maldives and Indonesia where I completed my Divemaster. Other countries that I have dived in include the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia (and one very cold dive in Portugal once!)

I always encourage people (and my students) to learn to scuba dive as it is one of the wonders of this planet, to explore the ocean and appreciate its beauty. The best dive site in Thailand is Stonehenge in Koh Lipe, it’s my personal favourite!

The Maldives is one of the best places to dive in Asia for the diversity and some of the best marine life in the Indian Ocean. I’ve been lucky enough to dive with tiger sharks, thresher sharks, reef manta rays, oceanic manta rays, whale sharks and bull sharks over the last few years.

Komodo National Park in Flores is where I completed my divemaster course as I fell in love with the pristine coral reefs and the fact that on the same day you could see manta rays, reef sharks and stunning coral!

As I continue to dive around Asia and the world, I will update my blog posts, sharing my experiences and highlighting the best place to see different marine life.

Ethical Guideliness

I choose to prioritize authenticity and transparency over making profit from this blog. I will only share real activities I have had, places I have visited or know well and hotels that I have actually stayed at – or will signpost that it is an option but not one I have experienced.

For reasons of authenticity I do not accept sponsored posts. This means that all the experiences and hotels I write about are based on my actual visits and personal knowledge and that I paid full price for them.

Living in Thailand, I must also adhere to strict defamation laws. Due to these laws, I am unable to share negative reviews about hotels so choose not to share any hotels or hostels where I had a less than great experience. I am keen to share only the hotels that I genuinely love, would visit again, and would recommend to my friends.

Lastly, I occasionally use AI technology to enhance the sentence structures in my writing, but to be honest, I use it infrequently as I am an English teacher and can usually word things better myself!

Audience – Who I write for

I write for any visitor to Asia who is passionate about experiencing Asia in an ethical and authentic way.

As a solo female traveller myself, I understand fears and concerns of women who travel alone. Therefore, I frequently share valuable insights and advice on solo female travel to help you feel empowered to visit places such as India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Maldives as a solo female traveller.

My content is focused on the interests of solo travelers, couples, and groups of friends. I do not write about family travel as I do not ever travel with kids.

In my articles on my travel blog, you will find detailed itineraries for Thailand and the Maldives, travel guides for island hopping in Thailand and recommendations for the best places to visit in Bangkok and bucketlist activities in Thailand. I also cover wildlife experiences, such as whale watching, and highlight the best diving spots in Thailand and budget ways to visit the Maldives.

My Travel Blog Content

In my travel blog, I do my best to help visitors to explore Asia, particularly Thailand and the Maldives. I am constantly updating my Thailand travel blog as I travel more and to also update old content, particularly post covid.

When it comes to Thailand, I cover many topics. I provide detailed itineraries that help travelers plan their trips effectively. Whether you’re interested in island hopping or exploring Bangkok, I have many blog posts to help you do this. Additionally, I compare and have mini guides for all the best islands in Thailand, as well as where to see elephants in the wild and in an ethical elephant sanctuary and engage in wildlife experiences like whale watching.

For those interested in the Maldives, I have written travel guides to the best local islands in the Maldives for diving and the best ways to visit the Maldives on a budget.

Other helpful resources include:

As a solo female traveler myself, I understand the fears and concerns and challenges that women face when traveling alone. That’s why I frequently share advice on solo female travel in Thailand, the Maldives, India, and Sri Lanka.

In addition to these topics, I also provide a range of travel resources, such as packing tips and bucket list activities in Thailand.

Hopefully, by using this blog, you can plan and enjoy the best trip around Asia for you.

Affiliate Marketing

In order to pay for my travel blog and to continue providing helpful content, I use affiliate marketing. This means that I partner with various companies and earn a commission for any purchases made through my referral links, at no extra cost to the reader clicking the link. This allows me to generate income while sharing hotels, transport and items to purchase.

I am an affiliate of the following companies:
Agoda for hotels booking for accommodation
Amazon marketplace for a select few items
12go Asia for booking transport like trains, ferries, and island transfers

Respectful Considerations

Living, working, and traveling to countries that are not my own has taught me the importance understanding local customs and traditions in order to be respectful to the local people.

For travelling in Thailand, I have a whole article here about how to show respect and what to do and not to do. Similarly, in all my Maldives travel blog posts I share about the importance of being respectful and modest to local people while travelling around Maldivian local islands.

Lastly, it is vital to me to respect our environment, to spend our money wisely and ethically when travelling so that we are not supporting animal abuse so here is my list of activities to avoid in Thailand.

Photo of local island Thulusdhoo
Visit Thulusdhoo: One of the best local islands in Maldives – only 30 minutes from Male airport


The community that reads my blog and shares it means the world to me. I regularly share my posts on my Facebook page and in Facebook groups, on my Instagram, on Pinterest, and through my email list.

When I receive positive feedback from my readers, it is a real boost for me to continue writing and sharing about the best ways to travel in Asia. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that my content has helped others in their travel experiences. So, if my travel blog has been helpful to you, please leave a comment or share it with a friend. Your support and engagement are so appreciated and let’s go explore!

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