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Thailand: Top 10 Adventures and Activities!

  1. Visit an Elephant Sanctuary. One that rescues elephants and offers no riding! (Hug Elephant Sanctuary I strongly recommend!) Read more here
  2. Reasons to visit ThailandGo to the jungle – Khao Yao National Park is one of my favourite places!
  3. Party on a beautiful island – Koh Phangnan for Full Moon or Phi Phi every day of the week!
  4. Go to a Bangkok skybar – Vertigo or Octave are my personal favs!
  5. Go shopping at Chatachak weekend market in Bangkok – get lost and shop cheap!
  6. Temples – once you’ve seen a couple you’ve seen them all but my favourite is Wat Pho in Bangkok and the White Temple in Chiang Rai.
  7. Street Food – need I say more?!
  8. Snorkelling trip – the coral and the fish are equally beautiful and trips are great value for money!
  9. Try diving for the first time! Koh Tao is still one of the cheapest places in the world to learn! Warning: once you start, you can’t stop! Once qualified, check out the best dive spots here!
  10.  Go island hopping! With 100s of islands to choose from, enjoy exploring!

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