12 Reasons To Never Visit Thailand

Last Updated on 19/06/2024

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12 Reasons to Never Visit Thailand

A tongue in cheek list of reasons not to visit Thailand. With so many lists of why I should visit Thailand, this is a jokey article about 12 reasons to never visit Thailand.

#1 Reason Not to Visit Thailand

There are so many islands. In fact, there are too many Thai islands to visit and it’s too confusing with so many different Thailand island recommendations from blogs, visitors, friends and family who have been. It’s easier not to go than to choose which Thai island to visit. Thailand Tip: Here is a summary for each Thailand island including a Thai island hopping guide.

why should i visit thailand
White sand beaches of Koh Lipe, Thailand

#2 Reasons Never to Visit Thailand

You’ll fall in love with this country. The people, the food, the culture, the ease and convenience of cities, the calm nature of the national parks, the bustle of the markets and the island hopping of Southern Thailand.

#3 Reasons Not to Visit Thailand

It’s just full of sex tourism and drunk backpackers and that’s it. There is nothing else to do there except get drunk. Unless…you decide to hike and explore the national parks of Thailand. Or learn to scuba dive and explore underwater the many dive sites of Thailand.  

#4 Reasons to Never Visit Thailand

There is a lot of elephant riding in Thailand and that is bad for the elephants and you want to have an ethical elephant experience. So consider staying at the I Love Phants lodge with rescue elephants. Or experience wild elephants in Thailand in Khao Yai National Park.

why should i visit thailand
Rescue elephants at I Love Phants

#5 Reasons to Not Visit Thailand

You have to travel through Bangkok to get to more beautiful destinations like islands in Thailand or the mountains in Chiang Mai and you’ve heard that visiting Bangkok is not worth it. Or is Bangkok worth visiting? Many tourists don’t appreciate Bangkok and all the amazing things to do in Bangkok. Check out this list of the best 50 things to do in Bangkok.

#6 Reasons Never to Visit Thailand

It’s full of backpackers and budget end travellers and you want a more luxury experience. If you are on the budget end then Thailand is great and there are more budget travel Thailand tips here, but equally, Thailand has many luxury hotels, fancy restaurants and cocktail bars and private villas.

#7 Reasons Not to Visit Thailand

You will get sick from the food as it is so different from your own cuisine. Myth buster – it is rare to get sick from street food or any food in Thailand. Street food is cooked at high temperatures in front of you. One thing to be a wary of may be ice from cheap restaurants so order drinks without it if concerned. Eating Thai food is one of the many pleasures of travelling Thailand.

#8 Reasons Never to Visit Thailand

You will get scammed. There is a lot of scare-mongering about tourists and backpackers about being scammed in Thailand. While there are some small scams around, it is not the awful drama it seems and most of the time it is simply that you have paid slightly more for something. In Bankok tuktuks are well known for overcharging and occasionally taking you to an extra shop where they get commission if you buy something. Feel free to leave the shop whenever you want and don’t feel pressured. Meter taxis will often try to set a fixed price rather than using the meter which is technically illegal. Please note taxi drivers have not had a proper pay rise in over 30 years which is one of the reasons why they act in this way. Tip generously if you have a good taxi driver.

#9 Reasons to Visit Thailand

It is so touristy and overcrowded that the beaches are full. Uncrowded Thai beaches seems an impossible request. Or does it? Quiet islands in Thailand exist and it is actually very easy to get away from tourists and find secluded beaches in Thailand. For a full guide to the quietest beaches in Thailand read this article. 

why should i visit thailand
Empty beaches of the beautiful Koh Hong in Krabi

#10 Reasons to Never Visit Thailand

You have heard that Thailand is not as cheap as it was and it is getting more and more expensive, particularly in the post pandemic world. While some things are costing more, like flights and fuel, Thailand is still an extremely affordable place for a vacation. Drinking and eating local food can save you a lot of money as well as travelling by local transport like trains, buses and minivans. For more about how to travel around Thailand read this Thailand transport post.

#11 Reasons to Not Visit Thailand

You’ve heard that Thailand is dirty and there are undesirable animals around like cockroaches and rats as well as huge lizards, spiders and snakes. While all of that may be true there is also a huge variety of wildlife, both land animals and underwater marine life. In Thailand you can see wild elephants, gibbons, monkeys, deer, hornbills and eagles, just to name a few. Underwater you can see whale sharks and manta rays, eagle rays and a wide variety of tropical fish. Just outside of Bangkok you can spot huge Bryde whales feeding year round and a chance of Irawaddy dolphins who are highly endangered and is a rare treat to see. In the Gulf of Thailand you can see pink dolphins, another endangered species that lives in Thailand.

why should i visit thailand
Whale Watching in Thailand

#12 Reasons to Never Visit Thailand

You must just fall in love with Thailand and move here…


why should i visit thailand


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