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About Me

I’m a beach bum who has been living and working in Bangkok for the last 3 years. As an English teacher I have decent holidays *smug face* and  spend them exploring, island hopping and diving Thailand and as much of Asia as I can get my hands on! By no means an expert, I am frequently confused, lost and baffled by Thailand but that just makes for some good stories! Among the most random being the time I went bug fighting and gambling (illegally) with some Chiang Mai locals and that time I was forced to sleep in a massage parlour as there was no accommodation left on the entire island!

Why Blog?

“Why are you always on holiday, teacher?” is probably the question I get asked the most. Well I live in Thailand for a start! I fully believe in making the most of living wherever you are and have learnt from my past mistakes regarding this. Friends, acquaintances and friends of friends often message me asking for advice and practical tips about Thailand from budgeting ideas, which island to visit, elephant sanctuaries that are ethical and I recommend , to diving around Thailand and what backpackers should pack!

I try to travel to as many countries as possible and keep returning to a few in South East Asia and South Asia, like Sri Lanka and India. As friends often ask similar questions I thought I would write it all down and set up a blog to help people enjoy Asia whether they are first time backpackers or returning to Thailand for the nth time! I only write about what I know, all pictures are my own (or long suffering friends/family members) and I always make clear if I earn money from anything, so far affiliate links.

Most importantly I want to spread the love for Asia! If you have any questions or want more help then please feel free to email me, always happy to encourage people to come and visit!

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Exploring National Parks in Thailand is one of my favourite things to do…when I’m not diving or on the beach!

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